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Mortal Online 2 is a full loot sandbox, as advertised. Anyone who plays more than 20 hours can see its a pvp game with pve as a clade grind afterthought.
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  • It contains everything needed for crafting, builds, skills, books, magic and maps of the online world of nave.
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    Health Nourishment; Stamina Nourishment 14 Mana Nourishment Food Poisoning 0.

  • mortal online 2 private or alternative pve server.
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    Mortal Online 2 - Subscription currently disabledThe base game of Mortal Online 2 comes with one month of game time included, after which players will need to maintain an active monthly subscription to continue playing the game.

  • Mortal Online 2 Steam.
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    This guide aims to explain how Alchemy works.

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  • A Quick Extraction Guide 10,000 Units (One Stack) is used for calculations Calx (10,000 Units (One Stack)) Use the Crusher to extract Catalyst None Receive 360 Calspar 1,361 Calx Powder 2,151 Coal 180 Flakestone 891 Malachite Use the Grinder to extract Catalyst 1000 Water (10 per 1k) Receive 2,000 Calspar 2,058 Calx Powder 1,140 Coal 36 Flakestone.
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    Created Sep 5, 2010.