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. moral adjective of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior ethical.
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  • A moral precept is an idea or opinion thats driven by a desire to be good.
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    Synonyms for MORAL ethical, honorable, honest, true, nice, good, decent, virtuous; Antonyms of MORAL evil, immoral, wrong, sinful, bad, wicked, unethical, dishonest.

  • Bok contends that libertarians arguments against compatibilist justifications of moral responsibility fail because they describe human actions only from the standpoint of.
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    Making judgments about whether a person is morally responsible for her behavior, and holding others and ourselves responsible for actions and the consequences of actions, is a fundamental and familiar part of our moral practices and our interpersonal relationships.

  • free will and moral responsibility, also called problem of moral responsibility, the problem of reconciling the belief that people are morally responsible for what they do with the.
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    Definition of &171;moral responsibility&187;.

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    An individual who completely and truly lacks agency is not responsible for themselves.

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    We evaluate people and groups as responsible or not, depending on how seriously they take their responsibilities.

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    In general, morals are considered guidelines that affect individuals, and ethics are considered guideposts for entire larger groups or communities.